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    I have the ability to shoot almost anything you're looking for. While I have the standard DSLR setup, I also have quite a few old cameras and lenses to give your photos that vintage look and feel.

    I have the most experience with portraits, especially candid photos, but I have some experience with a little bit of everything.

    I also have several different instant cameras if you'd like to take something home with you the day of the shoot.

    I'm also getting into developing my own black and white film. With all the equipment I have available, we can get just the right look.


    I don't have standardized pricing because no two photoshoots are the same, so why would the prices be?

    If you'd like to have something photographed, anything at all, just contact me with what you're wanting and what your budget is and we should be able to work something out.

    About My Work

    While I enjoy using the latest and greatest equipment, the real fun for me is experimenting with older stuff or even equipment that isn't necessarily intended for photography (such as an old X-Ray lens).

    At the bottom of the page is a link to my Instagram account where I'll post images and descriptions of various photography equipment I've come across.

    There's also a link to my flickr account where you can see my more recent work.

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    David King


    You can contact me by email or send me a message on my Facebook page. I'll try to get back to you that day.

    Facebook Page: David King Photography